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Sorry to bother you. Just curious about the text messages, because some people don't believe they are fake. Do you have any sources backing up what you heard? Thank you, it'll really help get the truth out.




I’m afraid to write about it because some of news are fake or wrong (or even talk about it.) However, the last text which is about the conversation between a girl and her cousin was fake for sure. (The one below)


She tweeted her insincere apology, she wrote, “the liar should leave” then deleted her twitter account. It’s pretty spread right now, so everyone knows about it. Other than this, I can’t find a exact evidence. I read the information from official Korean Police twitter account; they said some texts are fake so we need to be careful. Right now, we can’t figure out which is wrong and which is right. Even it’s hard to believe Korean news articles. So sad and pathetic. But please don’t stop praying for South Korea. We still have hope.

Please stop reblogging the text message posts because it’s impossible to know for sure which ones are real and which ones aren’t. It’s disrespectful to spread the works of fakers without knowing for sure. 

Thank for your links! Please stop reblogging the posting.

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Fuckin shittt


i actually have no idea what to think of this so im just gonna move on

I heard that rapists and child molesters are like the most hated in prison

People in prison hate two kinds of people. Rapists and child molesters. This was Brasil. It also happens in the U.S.A. It just doesn’t get reported because it happens alot.

This is honestly terrible. I don’t care what anyone says. This is sickening. 

Encouraging rape as a punishing for rapists just perpetuates rape culture because it implies that rape is acceptable in certain cases.
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Another friend is pregnant

There is something in the water. I am only drinking tea for a while then

I have some alarming news for you in regard to one of the main ingredients in tea.

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my crush has sparkling blue eyes... long, flowing blonde hair.... and is a paraplegic cowboy from the late 1800s

i dont know who that is hahaha

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i love this shirt also maybe just ombre to an ashy colour idk
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suddenly realizing your friend sent you a message hours ago and you’ve just been accidentally ignoring them the entire time


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oh my god 

it feels like i was never supposed to see this it’s like forbidden or something 





They’re so arrogant it’s unreal.
They really think we wish to be them.
Nothing in the world would make me change the way I am.
Ahah nothing.

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