Heyo! My name is Heather, and god damn this text is tiny.
I blog about p much whatever I find funny and moomins and anime n stuff. More in my about page! :->
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Ai Shinozaki,篠崎愛
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i’m gonna create an anime and the first episode is gonna zoom in on the person with bright blue hair sitting by the classroom window, then pan over to the kid with plain hair, the main character

and then there’s a running joke the entire show about how no one knows why the hell that guy over there has such weird hair








Mahmoud Farshchian ~ Glory of Nature, 1983

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Maybe if I get skinnier he'll love me.


Your body is not a house that you have to clean up before guests come. Your body is yours and yours alone. If he doesn’t love you, then he doesn’t love you. Your body is not the offering or the deal you make, okay? I know that feeling, that thought process. Maybe if I just lost the weight, I’d be lovable. Stop it in its tracks. You are the most important person in your life. Love yourself more than the idea of being good enough for someone else. You are a force of nature, okay? Be here. In your body. You’re allowed.

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text posts are like children
you delete the ones that dont succeed


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hotwing replied to your post: when did eggs get popular why is tumbl…

its a fun word to say

mozzazzella said: i rEALLY DON’T KNOW TBH


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these are lines that i am actually using for something else.
however i ended up coloring them for fun/practice/a color study :)
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when did eggs get popular

why is tumblr obsessed with eggs

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